QuickStudy | Environmental Chemistry

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Reference / Study Guide
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Max Levy, PhD
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  • QuickStudy | Environmental Chemistry
  • QuickStudy | Environmental Chemistry
  • QuickStudy | Environmental Chemistry
  • QuickStudy | Environmental Chemistry

Essential reference to the scientific study of chemical and biochemical
phenomena that occur in the environment in natural places. This
science is used to monitor and assess long-term effects of natural and
human-made contaminants in soil and water on ecological and human
health. This handy six page laminated reference is made for quick
access to the core of the science, developed as designer notes, with
succinct bulleted facts grouped in color coded sections along with
diagrams and illustrations for ease of use. For 30 years QuickStudy
guides have boosted test scores and grades plus supported students
well beyond school as a professional reference. Author Max G. Levy,
PhD is a scientist and writes for WIRED, Smithsonian, Vox, Science
Magazine, ChemMatters and more and has developed the ultimate
easy-to-use tool we give to you at an amazing value.
This 6-page laminated guide includes:

  • Major Themes
    • Atmosphere, Hydrosphere & Geosphere Overlap
    • Abiotic & Biotic Overlap
    • Anthropogenic Effects
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
    • Key Definitions & Concepts
    • Chemical Processes
    • Radiation
  • Aquatic Chemistry
    • Key Definitions & Concepts
    • Aquatic Environment
  • Soil Chemistry
    • Key Definitions & Concepts
    • Soil Profiles
  • Analytical Methods
    • Analysis of Water & Air
    • Analysis of Waste & Solids
  • Pollution
    • Key Concepts
    • Industrial Pollutants
    • Controlling Air Pollution
    • Formation & Sources of PM
  • Waste Treatment & Chemical Cycles
    • Primary Constituents of Sewage & Their Effects in Water
    • Waste Treatment
    • Chemical Cycles
  • Anthropogenic Effect
    • Atmosphere
    • Hydrosphere
    • Geosphere
    • Climate Change Effects

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