QuickStudy | Solar System Paper Poster

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36.0 x 24.0
John Roche, PhD
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  • QuickStudy | Solar System Paper Poster
  • QuickStudy | Solar System Paper Poster
  • QuickStudy | Solar System Paper Poster
  • QuickStudy | Solar System Paper Poster

Out of this world poster designed to display the beauty of our solar system’s bodies set against the Hubble Deep Field photo of the universe. Color-coded statistics offer more than a pretty picture by detailing specifics about each planet and other heavenly bodies. Whether a student, lover of all things space, stargazer or night-sky enthusiast, this poster is for you. Beautifully designed with images from NASA and expertly written by science author, consultant and professor John Roch, PhD. Within 24 by 36 inches you get the whole solar system plus what the surface temperature of Mercury is, how many known satellites Neptune has, what does the sun orbit, or what other dwarf planets there are besides Pluto.

24 by 36 inch poster includes:

  • Beautiful Image of the Solar System
  • Latest Photos of the Planets
  • Hubble Deep Field Photo as the Background
  • Info for All Planets, Dwarf Planets, Asteroids & Kuiper Belt
    • Classification
    • Diameter at Equator
    • Mean Distance from the Sun
    • Surface Temperature
    • Period of Rotation
    • Period of Orbit
    • Orbital Velocity
    • Satellites
    • Surface Features
    • Atmosphere
    • First Discovered
    • First Visited & Spacecraft Used
  • System - Scale of Planets
  • What is a Planet?
  • How are Planets Classified?
  • What is a Dwarf Planet?
  • What else Orbits the Sun?
  • What Does the Sun Orbit?
  • Astronomical Units

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