QuickStudy | Business Ethics Laminated Reference Guide

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Reference / Study Guide
8.5 by 11 inches
Dr. Kyle Allison
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  • QuickStudy | Business Ethics Laminated Reference Guide
  • QuickStudy | Business Ethics Laminated Reference Guide
  • QuickStudy | Business Ethics Laminated Reference Guide
  • QuickStudy | Business Ethics Laminated Reference Guide

Essential reference to standards in ethics for business aligning with college course coverage for students, plus a great tool for business professionals in management and human resources. This handy six page laminated reference is designed to quickly answer questions of responsibility and liability as a company, employer, and manager. Author, professor, and business consultant Dr. Kyle Allison uses his multi-faceted knowledge and experience from teaching and consulting to give you succinct need-to-know facts in our famous QuickStudy format that offers more answers per page than any other source. Color coded sections bulleted for easy access are Developed to see the whole scope of how the pieces fit together for a price that cannot be beat for the knowledge gained. Adopt this tool for your students, or add it to the company’s toolbox for managers and HR.

6 page laminated guide includes:

  • What are Ethics?
  • What are Business Ethics?
  • Ethical Theories
  • Decision-Making Processes
    • Ethical Decision-Making Process
    • Ethical Triangle
    • PRIME Model
    • Rest Model (Four-Component Model)
    • Six Pillars of Character
  • Business Leadership Skills
  • Corporate Governance
  • Common Workplace Ethical Issues
  • Ethical Dilemmas
    • Examples
  • Moral Responsibility
    • Economic Dimension
    • Legal Dimension
  • Primary Ethical Constructs
    • Question of Generality
    • Question of Responsibility
    • Question of Liability
    • Question of Allegiance
  • Department Responsibilities
  • Impact of Technology
  • International Business Ethics
    • Cultural Factors
    • Cultural Relativism & Ethical Conflict
    • Multinational Corporations & Ethical Conflict
    • Areas of Ethical Conflict
    • A Global Business Ethic
  • Organizational Culture
  • Building An Ethical Code Of Conduct
  • Organizational Framework

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