QuickStudy | ACT Math Test Prep Laminated Study Guide

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Reference / Study Guide
8.5 by 11 inches
Stephen Reiss
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  • QuickStudy | ACT Math Test Prep Laminated Study Guide
  • QuickStudy | ACT Math Test Prep Laminated Study Guide
  • QuickStudy | ACT Math Test Prep Laminated Study Guide
  • QuickStudy | ACT Math Test Prep Laminated Study Guide

Essential math test prep for this college entrance exam and the quickest and most complete review possible in just six laminated pages. Author Stephen Reiss is the writer and editor of over 70 test prep books and owner of a chain of test preparation centers. Stephen has included the need-to-know math seen on the ACT in a succinct style streamlined for quick study and review. His experience ensures test takers have the strategies, examples and practice they need to succeed in making the highest test score which improves the chance of entry into a university and college of choice. At this price do not miss our unique QuickStudy design that packs as much as possible into a color-coded, handy, and inexpensive tool.

6 page laminated reference includes:

  • Number & Quantity
    • Number Systems, Numerical Place Value
    • Divisibility Rules, Absolute Value
    • Ordering Fractions on a Number Line
    • Matrices, Properties of Exponents
    • Scientific Notation
  • Algebra & Functions
    • Algebraic Definitions
    • Solving Equations
    • Inequalities
    • Coordinate Plane
    • Factoring Quadratic Expressions & Equations
    • Squares & Square Roots
    • Cubes & Cube Roots
    • Radical Equations & Extraneous Solutions
    • Exponential Equations
    • Systems of Equations
    • Linear Functions
    • Sequences, Ratios, Logarithms
  • Geometry
    • Points, Lines, Rays, Angles
    • Definitions & Formulas
    • Pythagorean Theorem
    • Special Right Triangles
    • Midpoint Formula, Distance Formula
    • Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines
    • Graphing Form of a Circle
    • Inscribed Angles, Central Angles
    • Area of a Sector
    • Parabolas
    • Trigonometry
    • Radians
    • Unit Circle
    • Sine & Cosine Graphs
  • Statistics & Probability
    • Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Outliers
    • Mean & Median of a Frequency Table
    • Probability of an Event
    • Counting Principle
    • Factorials, Permutations, Combinations

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