Together We Create - Customize Your Brand With QuickStudy
Sep 14th 2021 | Posted by W. Ayers

Together We Create - Customize Your Brand With QuickStudy

For over 30 years, BarCharts Publishing has been known for it’s best selling brand of laminated reference and study guides - QuickStudy. However, it’s no secret that QuickStudy has been known for its successful delivery of customized guides across a broad range of clients from higher education to the corporate, and medical worlds.

As more businesses and academic institutions aim to put their best foot forward, in creating advertising campaigns towards prospective customers, their primary focus demands a more dynamic, impactful approach to their informative branding objectives.

That’s where QuickStudy comes into the game.

With three highly versatile and customizable guide formats, QuickStudy combines these powerful attributes with expertise in printing and laminating to transform knowledgeable content into valuable research tools.

Let’s explore the 3 ways QuickStudy can refine your brand’s message using its best-selling laminated guide format.

For a minimum input, maximum output approach, custom imprints allows you to personalize any one of over 750 guides from the QuickStudy catalog with a custom imprint of your school or company logo. You can also customize the back cover for a unique, multifaceted outline displaying your brand with immediate, factual information that maintains all of the benefits QuickStudy laminated reference and study guides have to offer.

Furthering the initial custom imprint, this option amplifies your customized guide process to the next level. Most of all it's simple! You provide the content and images, and we’ll design, print, and laminate your customized school or business guides around your specified content. It’s your production, the QuickStudy way!

We often work with academic and corporate institutions that demand a specific template when creating their custom guides - one that often reflects their brand’s look and message. The ability to design your customized guide to your exact specifications, combined with our high-quality print and laminating capabilities creates customized QuickStudy guides precisely to your needs. You own the entire creative process - bragging rights included.

All 3 customizable options are guaranteed professional, concise, and attractively priced to your needs. These qualities have helped BarCharts Publishing not only achieve over 50 million guides in print today with its highly successful lineup of reference and study guides, they have helped to achieve a standard of what the #1 custom guide creator can bring to your customized reference and/or study guides.