March 19th: Showing Love And Respect In Honor of National Certified Nurses Day
Mar 19th 2019 | Posted by W. Ayers

March 19th: Showing Love And Respect In Honor of National Certified Nurses Day

For nearly a century, modern medicine has seen some pretty remarkable advancements in research, technology and yes, medicine. So many innovative breakthroughs, in fact, this entire article wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Of course, there are some things the medical profession is known for that will, unfortunately, remain the same. For instance, general practitioners often yield a solid two-three week wait for an appointment, it's almost a given to wait just as long to be seen by a specialist and when it comes to meeting with a surgeon either by appointment or for a procedure, don’t even think about thoughtful bedside manner. Nevertheless, they are as busy as they are, because of what they specialize in 

However, there is one medical practitioner who possesses a rare ability to fill the role of caretaker and proverbial liaison between patient and practitioner. So much so that every year this day is reserved in their honor for their knowledge, attention to detail, and yes, the bedside manner necessary for those experiencing the discomfort that often comes with medical attention.

Every year, March 19th celebrates National Certified Nurses Day, a day that globally recognizes Margretta (Gretta) Madden Styles, born March 19th, 1930. Styles was a pioneer for her work and contributions to the profession of nursing. And beyond her passing in 2005, she has helped to redefine the role, education and practice by which all who become certified nurses adhere to. Rest assured that when a medical procedure takes place, and a certified nurse is assisting, they do so with professionalism, humility and without the glorified personas their superiors are known for.

Though the hours are long and compensation isn’t exactly inviting, nurses are often praised for their work, and always in demand. So much so that when it comes to nursing school, college and vocational institutes across the country have very challenging acceptance standards. If accepted, new nursing students must maintain their focus when it comes to the grueling schedule of classwork, labs and the amount of studying that comes with its academics.

Although there has always been a need for certified nurses across the medical world, the ability to supply them has not been able to live up to demand. Because of their overwhelming demand combined with an endless domestic and international population expansion, the need for nurses now, more than ever, is crucial. Due to their continued dedication to staying abreast with their skillsets as well as their he career-defining dedication towards helping others, the nursing profession through Style’s legacy is and always will be held to a higher standard.

With an absolute necessity to help progress modern medicine on its path forward, nursing seeks to uphold its importance and advance its capabilities to assist in healing those in need as well as save lives. Above all that is sacrificed to become a certified nurse, the number one reason anyone should commit themselves to this profession is caring. This is what Gretta Styles tirelessly gave to her life’s work, and that’s why her legacy will continue to influence nursing for generations to come..