CPR & Lifesaving Laminated Reference Guide (9781423218616)

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Jones, Shirley A
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  • CPR & Lifesaving Laminated Reference Guide (9781423218616)
  • CPR & Lifesaving Laminated Reference Guide (9781423218616)
  • CPR & Lifesaving Laminated Reference Guide (9781423218616)
  • CPR & Lifesaving Laminated Reference Guide (9781423218616)

Making the decision to help in an emergency situation is often a difficult choice. Be prepared for emergencies with the help of our CPR & Lifesaving QuickStudy, guide. Packed with quickly accessible information on different aspects of lifesaving, this go-to reference will help you respond effectively in an emergency until professional help arrives. Learn how to evaluate a scene, the steps in CPR and AED use, standard precautions, and other essential elements in the chain of survival. This durable, laminated guide also includes illustrations for easy understanding. Keep a copy in your home, with your camping gear, at your office, in your car, etc., so that you will always be prepared.

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    Posted by dtemplar on May 23rd 2017

    Very thorough with great diagrams. A MUST for everyone to keep in home or office or other important locations.

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    CPR and Lifesaving

    Posted by sfina on Feb 27th 2017

    The CPR and Lifesaving Quick Studies are posted at our company Posting Boards that also house our OSHA, State and Federal Labor Laws Postings. They are hung on the Board by the use of a Key Ring and a Wall Hook This makes the Quick Study that can be taken to the site of the Urgent Care or Accident site where the information can be read to the employees that are caring for the injured employee. This is a great First Aid devise which we hope will save lives

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    CPR & Lifesaving

    Posted by tbaribeau.staa on Dec 18th 2015

    Great fast and handy summary of so much information!

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    AAA+ Seller...

    Posted by r3741 on Jan 3rd 2015

    Smooth transaction... Thanks a MILLION!!!