Lymphatic System Laminated Study Guide (9781423233183)

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Fold Out - Laminated
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Perez, Vincent
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  • Lymphatic System Laminated Study Guide (9781423233183)
  • Lymphatic System Laminated Study Guide (9781423233183)
  • Lymphatic System Laminated Study Guide (9781423233183)
  • Lymphatic System Laminated Study Guide (9781423233183)

Loaded with meticulously and beautifully detailed illustrated structures of the human lymphatic system, each structure of this 6-page laminated guide is clearly and concisely labeled for easy identification. Illustrations by award-winning and best-selling medical illustrator Vincent Perez, whose life mission is cataloging the beauty and detail of our complicated body systems for the medical professional, the formative student and the inquisitive layperson.

Illustrations and labels include:

  • Full Body Anterior Lymphatic System
  • Thoracic Duct Lymphatics
  • Lymphatic Nodes & Vessels
  • Head & Neck Lymphatics
  • Stomach & Pancreas Lymphatics
  • Arm Axilla & Thorax Lymphatics
  • Large Intestine Lymphatics
  • Heart & Lungs Lymphatics
  • Deep Abdominal & Inguinal Nodes
  • Dorsal & Frontal Spleen
  • Thymus
  • Stomach
  • Bone Marrow
  • Ileocecal Sphincter & Appendix
  • Small Intestine Micro Cross-Section
  • Liver Lobule Microstructure

Suggested uses:

  • Dental Students & Hygienists – handy and incredibly thorough reference that is compact and easily reviewed on a daily basis
  • Dentists – what any professional office needs for reference while consulting patients, also leave guides in offices to look over while patients wait
  • Parents - can show kids where their adult teeth are hiding when losing teeth, plus to emphasize the importance of taking care of their mouth and teeth
  • Patient – use guide to locate sources of pain for reporting to your dentist
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    this product is beyond expectation and more than I thought it would be