Medical Math (9781423205968)

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Fold Out - Laminated
8.5000 x 11.0000
Safian, Shelley C
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  • Medical Math (9781423205968)
Calculations, formulas, measurements, conversions, dosages, rates, equivalents and more are expertly organized in this 6 page laminated reference guide with clear color coded sections and easy to read layout. You can find your answer fast as a medical professional or a medical student on the job or in the classroom. Author Dr. Shelley C. Safian is a professor and author of six textbooks and multiple best selling QuickStudy reference guides. Topics covered include: ·Measurement Basics ·Calculations & Formulas ·Apothecary System ·Laboratory Measures ·Reimbursement Calculators ·Health-Care Operating Indicators ·Coding Measurements ·Burns – Adults, Children, Infants ·Coding Excision of Lesions, Laceration & Wound Repair ·Pediatric Definitions ·Dosage Calculators ·Expected Growth Rates ·APGAR Scoring for Newborns ·Clinical Indicators ·Respiration, Blood Pressure, Cardiac Output, Stroke Symptoms, Hemodynamic Parameters, Blood Flow Rate, Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), Body Mass Index (BMI), Cardiac Assessment ·Vital Signs Table by Age ·Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment ·Pulse Rates by Age & Pulse Volume Variations ·Pain Scale, Aldrete Score/Postanesthetic Recovery Score, Electrolytes & Imbalance ·Levels & Calculations, Arterial & Venous Blood Normal Values, Dosage Calculations, Arterial Blood Gases: Normal Values, Edema Rating Scale, Deep Tendon Reflexes Grading, Muscle Strength, Body Surface Area ·Intravenous Drip & Flow Rates ·Needle Lengths & Gauges ·Lung Volume & Capacities, Respiratory Management ·Home Health Care Group Severity Levels ·Heart Failure Classifications ·Glasgow Coma Scale ·Trauma Score ·Titration Table