QuickStudy | iPhone & iPad iOS 15 Laminated Reference Guide

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  • QuickStudy | iPhone & iPad iOS 15 Laminated Reference Guide
  • QuickStudy | iPhone & iPad iOS 15 Laminated Reference Guide
  • QuickStudy | iPhone & iPad iOS 15 Laminated Reference Guide
  • QuickStudy | iPhone & iPad iOS 15 Laminated Reference Guide

Don’t miss out on the features that make your devices even more powerful, easier to use, better organized, and more secure. Know what changed and how to use the new features you need all in one place versus multiple pages of multiple websites. This quick reference focuses on core features and how to use them along with the new and expanded features we use the most. Pushing the limits of organization, messaging, screen space, usability, security, photography, and privacy into the future. This 6-page laminated guide is jam-packed with the most relevant uses of your device, some of which you may not know are there. Whether you are using your Apple device for school, personal, or business use, ensure you are taking advantage of your device’s fullest potential. Screenshots and icons are included, along with clear and concise instructions in our durable, highly portable, colorful design where you can always find answers fast.

This 6-page laminated guide includes:

  • User Interface
  • Control Center
  • Privacy & Security
    • Enable Mail Privacy Protection
    • Get an App Activity Report
    • Choose Which Apps Can See Your Location
    • Hide Your IP Address
    • Get a Privacy Report from Safari
    • Use Your Apple ID to Create Online Accounts
    • Check Up on Permissions
    • Add an Account Recovery Contact
    • Locate a Lost Device with the Find My App
    • Omit Location Data from Photos & Videos Before Sharing
    • Create a Medical ID for Emergencies
  • Essential Tools & Settings
    • Focus
    • Live Text & Visual Look Up
    • App Library
    • Dark Mode
    • Battery Life
    • Search
    • Safari Settings
    • Screen Time Feature
  • Messages
    • Messages Overview
    • Managing Conversations & Shared Content
    • Storing Messages
  • Facetime
  • Mail
  • Notifications & Widgets
  • Siri
  • Photos & Camera
    • Searching in the Photos App
    • Deleting Photos & Videos
    • Using the Camera
    • Editing Photos
    • Editing Videos
  • Multitasking
    • App Switcher
    • Picture in Picture
    • iPad-Specific Multitasking Features
  • Keyboard
    • Typing Actions
  • Wallet
  • iCloud, iCloud Drive & the Files App
  • Backing Up Your Device