QuickStudy | Quickbooks Laminated Reference Guide

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Fold Out - Laminated
8.5 x 11.0
Michele Cagan, CPA
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  • QuickStudy | Quickbooks Laminated Reference Guide
  • QuickStudy | Quickbooks Laminated Reference Guide
  • QuickStudy | Quickbooks Laminated Reference Guide
  • QuickStudy | Quickbooks Laminated Reference Guide

Get your business up and running on QuickBooks Online or Desktop and have a quick reference always handy for yourself or employees. From setting up a company to depositing customer payments and creating professional quality financial statements, QuickBooks offers the accounting tools you need to stay on top of business finances 24/7. This flexible software can be tailored to meet the needs of any type of business, from a new solo freelancer to an established e-tailer. In 6 laminated pages, this concise user guide will have you running smoothly with knowledge of exactly where your finances are at any moment at a value that cannot be beat.

6 page laminated guide includes:

  • Getting Started
    • Set Up Your Company
    • Manage Your QBO Account
    • Set Up Your Sales, Expenses & Advanced Information
  • Creating Your Chart of Accounts
    • Customize an Account
    • Delete an Account
    • Add an Account         
    • Changing Accounts
  • Linking Online Bank & Credit Card Accounts
    • Link Your Accounts
    • Import Your Transactions
  • Adding Your Products & Services
    • Create an Inventory & Non-Inventory Item
    • Create a Service Item
    • Create a Bundle
    • View a List of All Products & Services
  • Vendors & Contractors
    • Set Up a Vendor
    • Import Multiple Vendors
    • Make Changes to a Vendor Profile
    • Delete a Vendor
    • Set Up a Contractor
    • Enter Vendor Bills
  • Paying Vendors
    • Pay a Vendor with QBO Bill Pay
    • Pay a Vendor with a QBO Check
    • Pay Vendors through Connected Bank & Credit Card Accounts
    • Enter Other Vendor Payments
  • Customers
    • Setting Up a Customer
    • Import Multiple Customers
    • Make Changes to Customer Information
    • Delete a Customer
    • Invoice Customers
    • Receive Payments from Customers for Invoices
    • Deposit “Undeposited Funds”
  • Reports & Financial Statements
    • Create Reports & Financial Statements
    • Run Accounts Receivable Reports
    • Run Accounts Payable Reports
    • Run Financial Statements
  • Invite Your Accountant to Your QBO Account