BarCharts News

June 2015 – NEW QuickStudy® Easels Are Here!

Our line of easels just got better! We now offer five new titles: America, Chemistry, English, Psychology, and Spanish. Combining the comprehensive information of our best-selling titles into one free-standing format, our QuickStudy® Easels make learning a breeze. Stand them up for deskside reference while typing reports and doing research, or fold them flat to learn on the go. With nine titles available, there's an easel for everyone!

May 2015 – QuickStudy® Adds New Titles

Our ever-expanding line of laminated reference materials just got better! BarCharts releases 16 new QuickStudy® guides. Whether it's history, business, math, or computers you need help with, we've got you covered. We even have have three new Common Core titles for kindergarten and 1st grade. See what's new here!

Dec 2014 – QuickStudy® Easels

Our newest line of reference materials, the QuickStudy® Easel, offers a hands-free alternative to the traditional folded QuickStudy® guide. Developed with the busy student or professional in mind—we've incorporated some of our best-selling guides into an easy-to-use free-standing easel. Currently available in four titles, these easels offer more facts per page than a book and can be conveniently used wherever you need a quick reminder of the topic you're learning.

Dec 2014 – Writing CCSS For Grades 5-8

QuickStudy® now offers help for writing in the Common Core State Standards. Covering grades 5-8, students now have an organized reference guide to help them navigate the CCSS structure for writing opinion, explanatory, narrative, informative, and argumentative essays.

Dec 2014 – Anatomical Posters

BarCharts now offers even more anatomical posters! We have expanded our line of QuickStudy® posters to incorporate stunning wall reference for Acupressure, Reflexology, Dental Anatomy, and the Circulatory System. Beautifully illustrated and detailed, these posters make studying for specialty medical and health fields easy.

May 2014 – Common Core Laminated Standards

Our Common Core Laminated Standards are a must-have reference tool for any teacher transitioning to the Common Core State Standards to ensure their lesson plans meet the requirements. Our handy guides offer solutions to correlate existing plans into the new standards, as well as organize new lesson plans. Teachers can also use it as a quick reference for training and workshops. Your classroom's transition to CCSS will be seamless when you partner QuickStudy® Common Core Laminated Standards with the students' Common Core State Standards guides.

May 2013 – Common Core State Standards For Math & English

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of expectations and skills that students need to master to succeed in college and the real world. The CCSS can be tricky, but not if you have QuickStudy® by your side. We have released grades 1-8 in math and English as your CCSS problem-solving resources. These guides are also a great way to support the learning process at home by keeping parents in touch with their children's academics. And check back with us soon—we are expanding our series to include grades 9-12, as well as new Common Core Laminated Standards series for math and language arts.

May 2013 – Three New Anatomical Posters

Recently released, our three new anatomical posters are a cut above the rest. They are the most complete anatomical system posters on the market, showing hundreds of identifications and illustrated by our award-winning artist Vincent Perez. They are a must-have reference tool for anyone working in the medical field or craving more knowledge about the human body.

May 2013 – Nursing Reference Book At Your Fingertips

We are proud to introduce the newest addition to our medical line and our second book. The Nursing: Student Career & Reference book provides real-world knowledge that will prepare nursing students for school and the reality of a nursing career. It includes nursing assessment techniques, step-by-step instruction for procedural skills, and information about medication administration, pharmacology, medical math, chemistry, and medical terminology. It also includes information about nursing ethics, specialty nursing, choosing a career path, and more. With over 320 full-color pages, a format that is easy to read, and all answers to help master the NCLEX exam, it’s like having your own personal nursing coach by your side.

March 2013 – Windows 8 Guide Is Here

Our new Windows 8 guide helps users navigate the drastic and confusing changes inside Microsoft’s newest operating system. The aggressively innovative Windows 8 system forces a learning curve the size of Mount Everest, but with the help of QuickStudy®, users will be well on their way to a smooth climb. Each new Windows 8 feature is described in detail to eliminate confusion and frustration, and screen shots and icons in every section highlight specific components to further illustrate each operation. Our three-panel Windows 8 reference guide is jam-packed with information to cut a clear path through all the new features, and improve the user's overall computing experience.

March 2013 – Microsoft Office 2013 Reference

With the release of Microsoft Office 2013, QuickStudy® comes to the aid of those who are upgrading. We have released five new computer reference titles to coincide with the 2013 release, including Access 2013, Excel 2013, Outlook 2013, PowerPoint 2013, and Word 2013. These study guides are designed for those who want to learn the basics of the functions and new features that are part of the 2013 update and also for first-time users just learning the ins-and-outs of each program. For those who have mastered the basics and want to continue further, we offer Excel 2013 Advanced, Excel 2013 Tips & Tricks, and PowerPoint 2013 Tips & Tricks. As always, our three-panel full-color QuickStudy® guides come jam-packed with information and offer screen shots and icons to clearly illustrate every aspect of each function and operation.