If you'd like to test yourself for that big English or chemistry exam, give BarCharts’ line of handy flash card boxed sets a try—you’ll see better grades in a flash! Each set features a series of cards with detailed problems, questions, or examples on one side and answers on the other; cards are color-coded so that finding specific sections is a snap. With their small format and portability, these boxed sets are perfect for anyone on the go.

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  • Each title contains 1,000 cards
  • Cards are organized into tabbed subject categories, allowing users to find what they need in a flash
  • Great study tool for students or travelers
  • Retail price is $7.95 for blank flash cards and $14.95 for other titles (not including Anatomy)

Anatomy Flash Cards

Our best-selling flash cards contain 300 full-color cards on 14 human-body systems, with images on one side and label text on the other so that students can easily test themselves. Each card contains high-quality illustrations by award-winning anatomical artist Vincent Perez. These cards are perfect for medical students looking to test their anatomy knowledge for class reviews and before exam time.

Product Details

  • Features all aspects of the human body, with color-coded tabs for finding categories quickly
  • Beautifully detailed illustrations by renowned artist Vincent Perez, also found in our laminated anatomical series
  • Over 3 million QuickStudy® anatomical guides sold
  • Best value—only $24.95