QuickStudy® is the most valuable tool on the market to help your students not only make better grades, but graduate and succeed in the real world. We take a textbook's worth of information and condense it down to contain only the most pertinent points to study. Covering over 500 subjects, we offer the most complete set of notes to capture and hold students' interest with colorful boxes, bold headings, graphic examples, diagrams, illustrations, and much more. Incorporate QuickStudy® today with the course textbook and classroom notes and you have a winning combination!

What is QuickStudy®?

Our laminated study guides clearly and concisely cover the most valuable information on more than 450 different subjects. Authored by experts and jam-packed with the most up-to-date information, QuickStudy® guides are a teacher's best source for boosting students' grades. Our guides are organized with full-color headings and color-coded sections to find information with ease. They also feature colorful charts, tables, diagrams, and other learning aids to engage students and make learning fun. Combined with class notes and the textbook, they make studying easier and are proven to shorten the learning curve.

We are not kidding when we say our guides are jam-packed. We condense 24–30 pages of key information into 4 or 6 laminated pages. Each guide contains over 6,000 words of key facts—without the fluff. With their slim and portable size, it's easy to fit multiple subjects into any folder or backpack. Plus, they're hole-punched to fit neatly inside a 3 ring binder!

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