What is QuickStudy®?

We live in a time-starved age in which everyone is looking for instant information without having to search from place to place to find it. We want just the facts—the important stuff without the fluff. That’s why QuickStudy® laminated reference guides have been so successful for over 20 years. QuickStudy® is a system that communicates information in a way that helps people get it. And best of all—they're laminated! Who doesn’t like things laminated?

  • Laminated to handle daily use or spilled coffee.
  • Organized by table of contents to find the information you need quickly.
  • Summary of which new features you need to know.
  • Screen caps communicate to users what they see on the screen.
  • Clear, concise information written by expert computer trainers who know what you need.
Our guides are jam-packed with organized information, helping readers understand topics more efficiently. We condense 24–30 pages of key information into 4 or 6 laminated pages. Each guide contains over 6,000 words of key facts—without the fluff. With their slim and portable size, they beat those huge computer manuals sitting on the shelf!

Why QuickStudy®?

  • Boost Employee Productivity & Increase Retention Rate—Organized with the purpose of streamlining education, retaining information, and boosting productivity.
  • Maximize ROI on Software Upgrades—Software is a huge investment for organizations. Why make that investment unless employees fully utilize the software? QuickStudy® gives employees the core information they need to make the most of software…and of your investment.
  • Add Value to Your Training Investment—Our titles build knowledge retention which ensures that your companies training investment has the maximum impact on your business.
  • Reduce Help Desk Calls—Reduce the number of calls to your company’s help desk. Using QuickStudy® to eliminate trivial calls means your help desk can focus on more important issues, so resources allotted to the help desk work for.