EMPLOYMENT LAW (9781423238683)

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Fold Out - Laminated
8.5 x 11.0
  • EMPLOYMENT LAW (9781423238683)
  • EMPLOYMENT LAW (9781423238683)
  • EMPLOYMENT LAW (9781423238683)
  • EMPLOYMENT LAW (9781423238683)

Essential core knowledge of employment law in a 6-page laminated guide. Authored and designed to help the law student understand the significance of details within the larger scheme of the law and for review before the Bar Exam. Use this guide to review for exams, find facts fast, refresh memory, or constantly reinforce your knowledge base. With the mass of knowledge needed for a law degree and for practicing, a trusted reference source is rarely found at this price that works so well. Lamination ensures the guide will last a lifetime—through school and beyond. Law students, lawyers, and paralegals have agreed QuickStudy® law guides are a must-have.