Auditing Laminated Study Guide (9781423236405)

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  • Auditing Laminated Study Guide (9781423236405)
  • Auditing Laminated Study Guide (9781423236405)
  • Auditing Laminated Study Guide (9781423236405)
  • Auditing Laminated Study Guide (9781423236405)

If you're in business or a business major, audits will happen. Business and accounting students or professionals involved in finances and accounting, often have a range of reactions to an audit. Our experienced author, professor and consultant Michael Griffin, MBA, CMA, CFM, ChFC details the auditing process in a streamlined bullet pointed 6-page laminated reference guide that provides a road map from start to finish with all stops in between.

6-page laminated guide includes:

  • What is an Audit?
    • Overall Objective of an Auditor
    • Assertions
    • Assurance Services
    • Major Steps of an Audit
    • Financial Statement Audit
    • Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
    • Auditor's Report
    • Sample Auditor's Report
    • Compilation
    • Review
  • Engagement Acceptance
    • Understanding the Client/Entity & Its Environment
    • Review of Litigation, Claims &Assessments
    • Contingent Liabilities
    • Related Party Transactions
    • Internal Control
    • Receipt of Cash from Customers
    • Performing Audit Procedures & Evaluating Evidence
    • Audit Sampling
    • Analytical Procedures
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Internal Audit
    • Use of Specialists in an Audit
    • Auditing the Revenue (Sales) Cycle
    • Auditing the Purchases & Cash Disbursements Cycle
    • Other Processes Subject to Audit
    • Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX 2002)