Latin Verbs (9781423234760)

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Fold Out - Laminated
8.5 x 11.0
BarCharts, Inc.
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  • Latin Verbs (9781423234760)
  • Latin Verbs (9781423234760)
  • Latin Verbs (9781423234760)
  • Latin Verbs (9781423234760)
Latin is the key to many languages, and knowing and understanding Latin verbs can unlock many languages due to its influence. Concentrate study on verbs using this 6 page laminated guide that is designed for quick access, easy review and focus on what many learners see as their most difficult hurdle. Reviewing this guide often - will boost grades. An inexpensive tool that can go anywhere and help to retrain the brain to tackle many other languages is a must have. 6-page laminated guide includes: åÎåàHow to Describe a Verb Form åÎåàVerb Types åÎåàConjugations & Their Vowels åÎåàRegular Verb Conjugations åÎåàSample Irregular Verbs åÎåàAdvanced Constructions åÎåàLatin Verb Prefixes åÎåàUseful VerbsSuggested uses: åÎåàStudents åÎ_ a very lightweight, inexpensive grade-booster that can be slipped between your notebook pages for quick and easy answers åÎåàTeachers åÎ_ Inexpensive classroom tool, whether you have a few for those students struggling or a whole class set that can last your entire career with the durable lamination