Beer - Craft & Culture (9781423234661)

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Fold Out - Laminated
8.5 x 11.0
BarCharts, Inc.
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  • Beer - Craft & Culture (9781423234661)
  • Beer - Craft & Culture (9781423234661)
  • Beer - Craft & Culture (9781423234661)
  • Beer - Craft & Culture (9781423234661)
In this golden age of beer, do not miss the opportunity to experience the incredible breweries and their creative craftsmanship that is spawning a revolution in brewing. Best-selling beer author Stephen Beaumont can show you the way in 6 laminated pages overflowing with facts from beerŒÍs history and the brewing process to brew styles and all of the vocabulary you need to make the right choice of brews to try for your taste. With a lumberjack beard or without, you can become an expert brew seeker and have fun exploring everything from sours to stouts. 6-page laminated guide includes: Œ‡History of Brewing Œ‡Brewing Beer Œ‡Ingredients of Beer Œ‡Common Hop Varieties Œ‡Beer Styles (with dark/light color scale) Œ‡Tasting Beer Like a Pro Œ‡Talking Beer Œ‡Buying & Storing Beer Œ‡Beer TourismSuggested Uses: Œ‡Casual Curious Beer Drinker Œ_ if your beer selection options have been limited to the grocery store, this guide will enlighten you, point you in the right direction and make you an expert Œ‡Beer Snobs & Geeks Œ_ while you may have read the books, this guide is the easiest and quickest way to find that answer that will end a beergument Œ‡Partners, Spouses & Friends Œ_ want to stand up to your loveable beer aficionado, this guide can be hidden easily but provide answers so fast itŒÍs magic Œ‡Give Away Œ_ no matter your business, everyone loves beer, so a free guide given to clients at an office or trade show will be better than a pen or squeeze ball Œ_ sticker them or customize