Finance (9781423233138)

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Fold Out - Laminated
8.5 x 11.0
Zarruk, Emilio
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  • Finance (9781423233138)
  • Finance (9781423233138)
  • Finance (9781423233138)
  • Finance (9781423233138)
Foundations of finance in 6 laminated pages for business students and professionals alike. Quick access to the essentials provides an opportunity for review throughout an entire course, daily, weekly or before exams. Review often, after a lecture or textbook chapter to step back and see how that knowledge fits into the big picture. Also a great reference tool for any non-finance related business professionals to understand what keeps the company running and profitable. Suggested uses: o Students Œ_ with the least expensive study tool you will find - review, review, reviewŒƒ and your scores will increase o Professors Œ_ use this guide as a finance course syllabus to offer more to your students at a price that beats any supplemental material o Business Œ_ handy overview of the important aspects of finance for yourself or employees to better understand the business