Contracts Laminated Reference Guide (9781423233077)

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  • Contracts Laminated Reference Guide (9781423233077)
  • Contracts Laminated Reference Guide (9781423233077)
  • Contracts Laminated Reference Guide (9781423233077)
  • Contracts Laminated Reference Guide (9781423233077)

BarCharts, Inc was founded on our law guides created by the owner. They were designed to understand the significant details within the larger scheme of the law, as a daily refresher, and to review before the Bar Exam. Twenty five years later we keep those guides up to date for students, paralegals, and practicing lawyers to have the most handy legal reference to the most important points of the law possible in 6 laminated pages.

Topics covered include:

  • The Agreement Process
    • Offer
    • Acceptance
    • Consideration
  • Conditions
    • Definitions
    • Time of Occurrence
    • Conditions of Satisfaction
    • Excuse of Condition
  • Breach
  • Remedies
    • Action at Law for Damages
    • Restitution
    • Suit in Equity for a Specific Performance
  • Defenses to Duty to Perform
  • Nonparties
    • Third-Party Beneficiaries
    • Assignment & Delegation
    • Delegation
  • Issues Related to Writings
    • Statute of Frauds
    • Parol Evidence Rule
  • Termination of Contracts

Suggested uses:

  • Check list in contracting situations
  • To understand proportion and relevance
  • Quick and constant refreshers before classes and exams

As the last review before taking the Bar Exam

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    Contracts are the fulcrum of business practices. A knowledge of contract law is essential for most law offices.

    Posted by Brian Hill on Jun 21st 2018

    I have not taken a course in contracts in my paralegal certification program. I rely on BarCharts' study guide to inform me of the essentials.