Chemistry 2 (9781423233046)

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Fold Out - Laminated
8.5 x 11.0
BarCharts, Inc.
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  • Chemistry 2 (9781423233046)
  • Chemistry 2 (9781423233046)
  • Chemistry 2 (9781423233046)
  • Chemistry 2 (9781423233046)
Answers at your fingertips to the essentials of a subject that is challenging at best and that many students struggle with. The 6 page laminated guide focuses on physical chemistry with the details and structure of the subject organized and designed to be a key to the answers that are further supported by your texts and lectures. Use as a review before testing, or as a memory companion that keeps your mind focused on the whole course daily, weekly, or as needed before exams. Suggested uses: o Students Œ_ especially relevant for those majoring in engineering, science, or a health care related field o Quick Reference Œ_ instead of digging into the textbook to find a core answer you need while studying, use the guide to reinforce quickly and repeatedly o Memory Œ_ refreshing your memory repeatedly is a foundation of studying, have the core answers handy so you can focus on understanding the concepts o Test Prep Œ_ no student should be cramming, but if you are, there is no better tool for that final review