Accounting Terminology (9781423229377)

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Fold Out - Laminated
8.5 x 11.0
Griffin, Michael P
Publication Date:
  • Accounting Terminology (9781423229377)
  • Accounting Terminology (9781423229377)
  • Accounting Terminology (9781423229377)
  • Accounting Terminology (9781423229377)
A bank for the Œñlanguage of moneyŒî you need to know. Our author, expert and professor targeted the most important vocabulary for this critical subject in 6 laminated pages covering over 300 terms. Easy to access at a momentŒÍs notice for reviewing core concepts before exams, as a professional resource, or for general knowledge of an area that affects business as well as personal lives every day. Suggested uses: Œ´ Students/Teachers Œ_ reference for any business and accounting student Œ´ Personal Œ_ great crib sheet for personal investments, money managing, financial markets and government Œ´ Professionals Œ_ whether an entrepreneur or a CPA, keep a reference to the language of money by your side Œ´ Businesses Œ_ purchase as a give-away that will help you educate your clients, making for more productive discussions and relationships