Blogging For Business (9781423228578)

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Fold Out - Laminated
8.5 x 11.0
Sheridan, Marcus
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  • Blogging For Business (9781423228578)
Big to small businesses need customers and want to keep them. A blog can be an introduction and a continued connection to your business that can be strong, educational and personal while reaching an unlimited audience. These 6 laminated pages will show you everything you need to know to start, grow, maintain and measure your customer connections through this powerful business tool. Suggested uses: o Small Business Œ_ generate sales and build your customer base from the ground up by sharing your expertise o Big Business Œ_ add this virtual sales person that can offer expertise and help to the customer while being the face of your company that builds relationships o Marketing Firms Œ_ great tool for your employees and even better tool as a giveaway to clients o Business Majors Œ_ learn real world skills like these before an internship or job so you can excel at interviews and hit the ground running