Nursing TEAS 6 Laminated Study Guide (9781423225959)

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Fold Out - Laminated
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Henry, Julie
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  • Nursing TEAS 6 Laminated Study Guide (9781423225959)
  • Nursing TEAS 6 Laminated Study Guide (9781423225959)
  • Nursing TEAS 6 Laminated Study Guide (9781423225959)
  • Nursing TEAS 6 Laminated Study Guide (9781423225959)

Essential academic skill requirements covered for the TEAS test for entry into Nursing School, all in 6 laminated pages. Many people have underestimated this test their first time around and had to take it again, do not be one of them. These 6 laminated pages are a guide to success. Nurses are some of the biggest fans of QuickStudy guides, so start your collection and get started on a new career.

Topics covered include:

  • Reading: Paragraph & Passage Comprehension; Informational Source Comprehension
  • Math: Order of Operations, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division; Fractions, Decimals; Word Problems; Calculating Percentages; Data Interpretation; Algebra
  • Science; Anatomy & Physiology; Biology; Chemistry; Scientific Studies
  • English Language & Usage; Grammar; Spelling; Punctuation; Sentence Structure

Suggested uses:

  • Students – study companion that can be reviewed any where and any time, to ensure you are keeping your goals in sight
  • Teachers/Professors – a roadmap for your students training to take the TEAS to start a Nursing career
  • Nursing Schools – a great opportunity to provide this tool for incoming students to help them pass the test and enter your program