Earth Laminated Study Guide (9781423219576)

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Fold Out - Laminated
8.5 x 11.0
BarCharts, Inc.
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  • Earth Laminated Study Guide (9781423219576)
  • Earth Laminated Study Guide (9781423219576)
  • Earth Laminated Study Guide (9781423219576)
  • Earth Laminated Study Guide (9781423219576)

Our planet has inspired a sense of awe since the dawn of humankind, and scientists are learning more about it every day. Even if you're not a scientist, pick up the new Earth QuickStudy guide and get your research started. This guide is packed with interesting facts and explanations, from Earth's location in space to its inner core, and written with a perfect balance of science, real-world examples, and fun facts.

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    Love these outlines

    Posted by Holcomb.chelsea on Jul 16th 2016

    I have bought several of these and placed them in a notebook to study for my phd qualifying exams.

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    Wonderful classroom tool

    Posted by jesse.clark on Sep 30th 2015

    This is such an amazing addition to any classroom. It can be used as a review, introduction, or just another way to get information to your students. It's also something that you can pick up for yourself if you want something to help refresh the concepts you learned in high school.