Social Media Marketing (9781423216698)

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Paul & Sarah Edwards LLC.
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  • Social Media Marketing (9781423216698)
  • Social Media Marketing (9781423216698)
  • Social Media Marketing (9781423216698)
  • Social Media Marketing (9781423216698)

In this day and age, social media websites Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are crucial to businesses wanting to remain visible in the public eye. You'll learn about these particular media resources in detail through this new 6 page guide, chock-full of information any marketing strategist needs to know. Each aspect of social media is comprehensively discussed, with key terms and their definitions included for extra clarity; in addition, general hints and guidelines are provided to ensure your company gets the most recognition while plugged into the technological pipeline.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Posted by shandra on Aug 11th 2017

    With social media becoming the main form of communication these days, making sure your social media game is strong is a must!!!

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    Timely information

    Posted by RogerLaurel on Jun 30th 2015

    Everything condensed into one location. A perfect teaching aide.

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    Good Overview

    Posted by G.C. on May 19th 2015

    This is more like it. I know it's not easy to explain modern social media marketing in a way that even the complete neophyte can readily understand, because so much is taken for granted by so many, by now, but somehow the authors of this chart pulled it off. I found the entire chart to be written in a balanced style and all of the content was of interest. Thank-you for that one.